#110: “break my heart for what break Yours”

On this day, God wants you to know that…

“there will be times when you feel frightened or lonely or confused; this is part of the human condition. When this happens, reach out to a friend. And remember that God is one of them.”

I thought that as I grow older I’d experience less of that, feeling frightened, lonely, confused. This came as a timely reminder, and a reminder to me that God is around, even though I can’t sense Him physically.

I realize that at times I’m afraid of being forgotten, or not cared about by people whom I remember, whom I care about, more than others. But I suppose it’s just me heh. I mean, they have their own lives to lead as well, with their own friends, own things to do, own challenges they themselves face too. Thinking about it, I seem kinda selfish for wanting to be remembered by others. Somehow over the years, being remembered by people whom I remember & care about has gained importance to me.

I think I can cope with it (with some help from The Man Upstairs). My friends have their own lives to lead too haha, they’ve got just as many things and maybe even more on their minds, they’ve got other friends to interact with as well; have to learn to be contented with the time I get with them.

Oh yes, today Amos spoke to us about repentance. So the big idea is that, Repentance is a changed mind, that leads to a changed directions & it also restores relationships. There are 2 types of sorrows in this world, but we should concern ourselves with Godly sorrow rather than Worldly sorrow, because Godly sorrow brings repentance, which will lead us to salvation.

It’s great to go to church again, seeing everyone & interacting with each other, worshiping & learning about God. Other highlights of the past week are…dance practice with Andy again (woohoo), getting a grade 7 (maximum grade) for Chinese B , so that’s 1 subject less to worry about this year (*heaves a sigh of relief*) & practice with Daryl & Wen Shien.

Right, time to go work on that Econs EE…mentor just guilt tripped those of us who didn’t submit it last week…But with so little info to work with, I’m really unsure how I’m gonna produce a quality draft. I just hope that I’m still on the right track with my EE, God. Don’t wanna end up having to change my EE subject/topic This Year. That’ll drive me closer to my early grave really.

Repentance is a change in the way we live our life.

#110: “break my heart for what break Yours”

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