#111: some respite amidst a torrid day

I really didn’t want to get up this morning, but knowing my dad, he’ll never let me miss school unless I’m really sick (well, I haven’t exactly tried). But the 1st thought that came to my mind in the first 5 seconds of my waking was:

What am I gonna do about my EE (Extended Essay) later?

Still remembered how I struggled to stay awake from roughly 1:15am onwards, felt minutely pleased I caught a few hours of sleep after meeting the usual people in the morning and seeing what staying up the whole night could do through Fred.

My EE kept me on my toes the entire day, there wasn’t a minute I wasn’t thinking about my draft submission to my mentor. Seeing my mentor for Econs (he is my teacher as well), not once but twice today, I was always preparing myself to be lashed at anytime. I could sense he was a little angry when I asked him if there was EE consultation after school, & I knew I had to keep my promise to submit my draft to him by then.

So for the entire day I used both my free time & some lesson time to do as much as I could. But as I went through the motions of today, I know I couldn’t have done it if not for these friends.

Kay Min & Fred who said a simple “hi” this morning; Abital who was teasing me a little before Chapel began; Siti & Qian Hui for a simple “hi” along the corridor; Zheng Yang who gave me some help as I rushed my EE during the free English period :P; Nicholas & Carmen who sat beside me for Bio; Abigail (!!!) who messaged me during the course of the day, encouraging me, calming my nerves :); Claudine & Geoffrey, whom I bumped into in the library while rushing out the last bit of what I could crap out for my EE draft; Kar Min, my OGL, who gave me her school work & notes from last year :P. Oh plus Cheryl who was helping me with my EE over MSN last night.

Thank you God, for seeing me through today, for people who have rendered help, care, encouragement & light heartedness to hold myself together.

and now, to salvage the rest of my EE & my other assignments…

#111: some respite amidst a torrid day

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