#109: any last ‘2011’ thoughts?

Dance Workshop. Year 5 Orientation 2011. OG 1 Kool & The Gang! Y5 Orientation 2011 Amazing Race Champion Group! OG Dinner. Youth Thanksgiving Brunch 5th Sunday of January. Dance Audition. Checking the DanceVenia notice board & seeing I made it into DanceVenia! Dance Camp in March. WOW May 2011 in Phnom Penh, Cambodia with 5.14! Post-Dance practice bonding. SOC Movie Outing: Pirates of the Caribbean – On Stranger Tides! Mid-Years T_T DANCE FOA: VOYAGE REDUX! ❤ English IOP T_T Math Port (my goodness, 1st time in my whole life I slept at 4:30am just to get my math portfolio done & printed on time for submission, was a 140% zombie the next day in school) T_T Chinese IOC T_T Teachers’ Day Dance Performance! TOK Presentation T_T END OF YEAR EXAMS T_T x10 (thank God for pulling me through) Bio Design IA 2 T_T Outreach at Evergreen Circle! (where I led worship in Chinese for the 1st time!) Celebrating Barn’s 17th birthday at SICC! IB Chinese Written Exams T_T 3rd Youth Leadership Dance Camp at CCAB!! (where I met dancers like Gerlyn, Bernice, Rayshaun, Koi, Si Qi, Tania, Amanda, Priscilla, Kristy, Lynn, Grace, *list goes on & on*) SAL JC Law Programme!! (where I met people like Grace, Erica, Sin Yee, Vanessa, Jared + ate an ice-cream called OLYMPIC + wrote our wishes on the 2012 wish balls + spam photos/polaroids) Collect data for Econs EE. YOUTH CAMP 2011: VIVID FAITH – Real Faith For Real Living In The Real World! ❤ Christmas party at Fred’s! (oh my…i haven’t even stepped into his house yet, was only in the GUESTHOUSE the whole evening o.o) CHRISTMAS DAY 2011 SPENT WITH CHURCHIES! ❤ (L4D2 hahaha) Call people I don’t know just to get information for Econs EE (seriously I could hear my heart pounding so loudly before every call). Today, worship prac with my old worship team Hope, Yunsil & Jack was so much fun, lots of laughter & we sounded not bad 🙂

All in all? 2011 really put me through a lot of physical, mental, spiritual & emotional crap. There were a lot of times this year I wanted to give up on whatever I was doing, I wanted to seclude myself & just not mix with friends at all, a lot of times I asked “why me? why this? why?” Even till today, 31 December 2011, I’ve to admit my mind has not had a single day of proper rest, it’s still thinking & worrying about work or some other crucial matter.

But I’ve to say that, all the crap I’ve faced this year, is only a taste of what’s to come next year really. At least I’ve a feel of how rigorous 2012 may possibly be, hopefully I can take it all in & prepare myself more adequately, physically, mentally, spiritually & emotionally. Negatives aside, I really thank God for 2011. I’ve never made so many new friends in a single year as 2011, go through so many different experiences, be it overseas, in a working environment, in a studio, on stage, at the beach, in an old folks’ home, or just where I usually am. There’s a lot to be thankful for, a lot of fun, laughter, good company & joyous moments despite all the crappy experiences.

In about 10 more minutes, Singapore will say farewell to 2011 & hello 2012. I’ve to say, thank you God for family, friends & all the experiences this year has brought, good or bad, happy or sad, adrenaline or exhausting, uplifting or frustrating, they’re making me more into the person You intend me to be. I’m pretty much going into 2012 with much anxiety & uncertainty. There’s still a lot undone, a lot more to be done, a lot more that awaits…But I’ll take all these good & bad experiences along with me into the new year, & oh yes, I’ll ask God out along too, to walk with me

#109: any last ‘2011’ thoughts?

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