#354: Today…

Today I played a more active role in helping out in my dance club’s technique session that is specially catered towards our juniors. I was in front along with my vice-chairperson, who led the session, most of the time as she went through each exercise. I took the initiative and approached juniors who I thought weren’t sure of some steps. And when we did the exercises in small groups, I wasn’t embarrassed to consult my better juniors on steps I was unclear with, or executed wrongly.

Today I was among the front few dancers as our instructor taught the exercise for this week’s technique session for the entire club. Today was the first time I willingly let myself be one of┬áthe first few dancers to do the across-the-floor exercises. I have always been one of the back few, but I stood in front today. And when my instructor guided me with everyone else watching, I wasn’t afraid.

Today I realised how much I’ve improved. There were certain across-the-floor exercises that I just couldn’t grasp in my first year. I really struggled, and I seemed to be the one that struggled the most. I even had seniors call me out to try and teach me one-on-one. But today, I could do those exercises that I previously struggled with and feared doing.

I thank my seniors for their guidance and well-intentions, even though I felt more embarrassed than I am learning in the past. There is still a lot of room for me to improve on, and I mean A LOT. But I think I can take a moment to reflect and be happy for myself with the progress that I’ve made, that I could recognise rather clearly today.

#354: Today…