#193: “you are what you think of all day long”

Today, we believe God wants you to know that you are what you think of all day long. Day after day your thoughts shape you like dripping water shapes rock. Pay attention to what you are habitually thinking about, – are your thoughts serving you well?

It’s starting to matter less nowadays. I haven’t been giving it as much thought lately. I’m starting to make you matter less. Distractions, I try to busy myself with them everyday. Be it something intellectually challenging, wasting my life away or when I’m fortunate, interacting with other friends and people, they’ve all helped in making me think about it and about you less nowadays.

But when see or hear anything about you, I’d still think about it a little, wish we could genuinely be alright with each other, wish that none of it changed.

One thing that came to mind today was how I’ll never mean as much to you, as you meant to me.

And perhaps I need this, perhaps I need to understand that it’s okay to lose you, it’s okay to let you and this go. Maybe I do need you to not matter to me anymore and to be okay with that. Cos maybe then, I am finally turning away from a door that has been closed and moving on to find a door that is open.

#193: “you are what you think of all day long”