#361: Is there a way out?

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THE r’gion issue between R and me resurfaced recently due to the manoeuvres made by our respective parents. Helplessness has found its way into our lives when everything seems to be going well, again. R’gion is the elephant in the room, that all parties are withholding confrontation with. It scares like hell, the thought of having to forgo what we have because of clashing beliefs that belong more so to the generation that precedes than to us. As for me, I’m reminded of the feeling of being on borrowed time. Is there a way out for us, for all of us? Where all parties can win?

#361: Is there a way out?

#350: what’s valuable

There was a point in time today, after lunch with my dance batch mates, when I had this epiphany. It happened while we sat in a circle on the floor of the cinema in the mall, half of us backs against the wall, against the poster of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Amidst the separate small conversations happening among the eleven of us, laughter, and laughter lines, I realised that it’s moments like these that are the most valuable things in life: the time spent with friends.

#350: what’s valuable

#331: Social Facilitation

‘Thousands of people line up to simultaneously run in a circle around streets, and thousands more come out to cheer them on. Yet when we do it, we feel this incredible surge of excitement and energy. Why?’

Charlie Harary

What I Learned While Running a Half-Marathon | TIME

Just that portion’s social facilitation (you do better on simple tasks and worse on complex task in the presence of others, when your performance can be evaluated). The rest of Harary’s sharing is about life.

Read the full article here: What I Learned While Running a Half-Marathon

#331: Social Facilitation

#323: it’s all in your approach

If your goal is to learn, you can always succeed. Because everything is an opportunity to learn and grow—including the occasional disaster. (Sometimes, that’s when you learn the most.)

Ashley Merryman,

How to Bounce Back From Any Setback |

motto: words to live by, from the editors of TIME

Read the full article here: How to Bounce Back From Any Setback | motto: words to live by, from the editors of TIME

#323: it’s all in your approach

#317: Mindfulness – to a happy mind

Here’s how to be more mindful and happy:

  • Watch Your Mind For 5 Minutes: Yeah, it’s often a crazy mess of thoughts you take wayyyy too seriously.
  • You Are Not Your Thoughts: If you had a broken arm, you wouldn’t say, “I am broken.”
  • Label Your Thoughts And Feelings: Put a frame around them. This dampens the emotions.
  • Don’t Just React To Thoughts. Decide: Ask yourself, “Is it useful?”
  • Be Compassionate: Only by being able to get close to the pain of others can you really help them.

Eric Barker,

How to Make Your Mind Happy: 5 Secrets to Mindfulness | TIME

Read the full article here: 5 Secrets to Mindfulness

It’s worth the time.

#317: Mindfulness – to a happy mind

#311: How You Can Function on Less Than 6 Hours of Sleep

By Alexandra Damsker (Read the full article here)

1. Reduce TV

“Your brain is actually less active watching TV than when its sleeping. This dullness is addictive.”

2. Limit carbohydrates

3. Limit meetings

4. Identify specific hours that you need to sleep and sleep during those hours!

5. When you get a few energy slumps, rely on tried and true solutions

“I switch tasks to things I really like (so I save that stuff for sleepy times).”

6. Love what you do, whether you’re studying or working

As always, take everything you learn from the Internet with a pinch of salt and find out what works best for you.

#311: How You Can Function on Less Than 6 Hours of Sleep

#309: “After all, this is all the time that you get.”

Why You Should Slow Down Your Day by Xiao Xu for TIME Magazine

An important read for all of us living in such a technologically driven and technology made convenient age; lamenting that there’s “not enough time”, desiring more of what’s “new”, to do more and consume more.



#309: “After all, this is all the time that you get.”