#343: ‘when you love someone but it goes to waste’ Part 2

‘Somehow, the limited joy of hearing “good job” from a person who doesn’t really love you is maddeningly more satisfying than the unconditional embrace of someone who truly does. “Sure,” I think, when my parents or my boyfriend surround and support me, “But they always do.” Only if I force myself can I really stop to think about what that implies. Their love is as present as oxygen, invisible and irreplaceable.’

Chelsea Fagan

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#343: ‘when you love someone but it goes to waste’ Part 2

#341: Sometimes loving means letting go

‘And that was enough for him to know that even when you love someone, sometimes you do really have to let them go. No matter how much it hurt. No matter how much he wanted to fight it. He did the best thing for both of them. And that was the way that their fairy tale was meant to end.’

Alexandria Brown (Thought Catalog)

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#341: Sometimes loving means letting go

#334: ‘I’m not looking for anything serious’

We Asked These 15 Men To Explain What ‘I’m Not Looking For Anything Serious’ Really Means by Ari Eastman

Thanks for putting into words, what I struggle to explain to myself, what I constantly repeat to others who speculate. Though I don’t agree with all of them, I’ve to admit some of them do convey what I really mean.

#334: ‘I’m not looking for anything serious’

#316: untitled

Thought Catalog reads:

I. I Want To Do Everything On Earth With You by Heidi Priebe

II. This Is The Difficult Part About Making It Past The Beginning Phase Of A Relationship by Claudia Lee

III. You Broke Me Heart, But I Am Forever Thankful by Marisa Donnelly

IV. Why ‘Positive Thinking’ Can Actually Make You Miserable Sometimes by Rania Naim

#316: untitled

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“[The people who broke us] taught you to appreciate what you have because in a blink of an eye, everything you love could be gone. They taught you selflessness because you don’t just let someone you love walk out of your life without knowing that maybe it’s a better for them to be without you. They taught you passion and how to fight for what’s in your heart. They made you feel and in a world where it’s better to be detached than hurt, we seldom allow ourselves to feel anything at all.”

Milliza Malabanan,

We Should Thank The People Who Broke Us | Thought Catalog

2. You had to learn to think differently.

Whether how to calculate your income taxes for a freelance project, or how to stop feeling jealous, or how to love after loss, or why you take the political stance you do, you were challenged to change your inner narrative this year, and you did.

6. You lost love.

You never actually lose love in your life, but it’s common to lose a person who you assume will bring you the feeling of love. This serves an incredible purpose – to show you that love is never gone, you had just misplaced its source. It always and only comes from you and what you think about the people and circumstances you experience. To “lose love” is just to dissolve yet another idea that it would come from anywhere but within.

8. You learned how to respond to your life in ways you never knew before.

The word “responsibility” breaks down to “able to respond,” if you think about it, and there’s a very important reason why we associate adulthood with it. The reality is that to live a happy and healthy and fulfilling life, you must be able to respond to it, and take action where need-be. It’s in our inaction that we suffer (even if “taking action” is just learning to let go!) In a truly successful year, you learned how to respond in ways you never had to before, and built your confidence and self-trust in seeing that you could, in fact, take care of yourself.

Brianna Wiest,

12 Signs You Accomplished More Than You Think You Did This Year | Thought Catalog

“In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take and the decisions we waited too long to make.”

Lewis Carroll


of course.

Always you.”

Clementine von Radics,

What Brings Me Joy

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#312: True Art is Dead, Rise of Antisocial Media, and Successful Women in Male Dominated Fields

1. True Art Is Dead, And This Is Why by Katia Kash

“Accessibility made art mainstream. Art became integrated in day to day life, the same as the most basic existential things, and that everyday-ness has worn it out. Social networks – funnels for creativity – have killed intimacy and perverted the idea of confession in art.”

2. The Rise of Antisocial Media, Why Reddit And YouTube Are Gen Z’s Favorite Hangouts by James Swift

“When a user posts something on Reddit or Digg…he or she is simply throwing something out into the online void, with the hope that large masses of people will find the morsel worthy of comment. This mentality goads users into pursuing what philosopher Rene Girard deemed mimetic desire, the want of what others want instead of what an individual actually has an interest in.”

3. 14 Successful Women In Male-Dominated Fields Reveal Their Approach To Killing It At ‘A Man’s Job’ by Marisa Donnelly

“The only way to convert the people who don’t believe in you is to do an amazing job and succeed in spite of them.”

Jules Miller,

Co-Founder of Hire and Esquire

#312: True Art is Dead, Rise of Antisocial Media, and Successful Women in Male Dominated Fields

#302: Metathesiophobia

This Is What Scares You, According To Your Zodiac Sign | Thought Catalog by Christine Schoenwald 

Just expanding my phobia vocabulary now that my first semester of Psychology has come to an end. Not looking forward to the release of my exam results though. Wish we could just learn and not be examined at all~

On a side note, I don’t really believe in astrology and zodiac signs…but I gotta admit, the things they say are quite true sometimes. Wait, that’s the Barnum Effect right there, right?

#302: Metathesiophobia