Psychology Terms

Abnormal Psychologythe study of abnormal behaviours, examining the origins, manifestations and treatments of disordered habits, thoughts or drives, that may be caused by environmental, cognitive, genetic or neurological factors


Cortisol: “stress” hormone, strengthens memories of traumatic stress or experiences that evoke fear, cortisol levels spike when a person is forced to re-live or recollect triggers of such experiences


Mental acuity:

Oxytocin: “love” hormone, largely responsible for feeling socially connected, bonding with people and our overall well-being, typically considered beneficial to mental health for it reduces stress and anxiety | However, research has shown that oxytocin strengthens the social memory in the lateral septum in the brain; e.g. painful/distressing experience – oxytocin will activate the lateral septum and intensify the negative memory


Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD):

Pre-frontal cortex:

Sleep latency: how long one takes to fall asleep


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