#345: two simple words

“I’m yours”

I never expected to hear someone say these two words to me again. The euphoria this time was slightly muted though, due to apprehension as a result of a failed past relationship. I’ve gotten mildly adept at not feeling completely, not giving my all. The mantra that rolls like an olden film projector in the subconscious of my mind, is that ‘nothing stays forever, everything is fleeting, so always be ready to let go whenever you have to, and be quick to move on’.

But these two words reappeared in my life, though not in a passionate way, I kinda like how it quietly found its way into my consciousness again. And I’m elated that I’ve found someone like her, no matter how temporary what we have may be.

We’re both simply just, living in the moment.

#345: two simple words

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