#342: ‘when you love someone but it goes to waste’

There’s always this someone whom we like more than others. It could be due to attraction, out of admiration; usually begins with either one. We pursue that someone (in a platonic sense) in a way to gain an elevated social standing with them. In other words, we try ways and means (consciously or subconsciously) to become someone a tad bit special to them.

Regretfully, they don’t always reciprocate in kind, or appreciate our efforts. Usually, there’s someone else whom they like more than others and are a tad bit special to them; someone who occupies that spot that we covet. What’s frustrating is that while we only receive little validation no matter how much effort we put in, this other person doesn’t have to lift a finger to receive the care and attention we work so hard for.

So what do we do? We gently let go of them. We acknowledge that no matter what we do, we’ll never get the kind of reciprocation or appreciation we hope to receive from them. It is neither their fault nor ours; things don’t always go the way we want them to.

Instead, let’s redistribute our time and effort to those who already care for us and give us their attention. We often take them for granted; they’re often ignored or unnoticed.

Sometimes, we don’t have to keep looking in the distance. Sometimes, we just need to look around us.

#342: ‘when you love someone but it goes to waste’

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