#328: Me 0 – 1 Monkey

Held up quite well today in my opinion. I had a plan, I stuck to it, until I was done with my preparation work. Then everything went downhill. I knew what I had to revise, but my preparation wasn’t done yet. So I planned how much to cover, with short breaks interspersed in between sections so that I don’t tire mentally. But after making my notes, I fell into a false sense of accomplishment.

“I’m done for today,” the Instant Gratification Monkey in my head told me.

And two-and-a-half hours flew past just like that.

I’m disappointed that I failed when it mattered most today. I’ll duly accept the consequences of my actions (or mis-actions) in the form of my performance for tomorrow’s morning’s quiz. If I do badly, I deserve it.

But I’ll also take heart knowing that I AM CAPABLE OF STICKING TO A PLAN. Now that I’ve done it once, my next aim will be to do it again tomorrow. And build on that as well; hopefully tomorrow, I can hold up all the way until the end of the day.

#328: Me 0 – 1 Monkey

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