#324: Desserts, spelt backwards.

Sometimes, all your deadlines are evenly spread out, such that you have something major every other week.

Sometimes, even with enough on your plate, more just gets piled onto your tiring shoulders with each passing day.

Sometimes, you have no choice but to work with people you don’t want to.

I’ve been lamenting about all of that for the past few hours. Then I thought of God again, again only remembering Him most when I’m desperate, when I need Him. I thought, what if hard things, difficult situations, come, so that I will turn back to Him?

And so, I’ll bear in mind, to maintain a cold calmness, I’ll bear in mind to pause and breathe. I’ll encourage myself, that when I’m put in a difficult spot, I’ll step up to the occasion, and show myself that I’m actually better than what I think I am.

Plus, I’m not alone. Although I usually only turn back to Him when I need Him, at least I can turn to Him. At least He’ll still listen, at least, I still have Him, when I have no one else.

#324: Desserts, spelt backwards.

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