#314: Jesus take the wheel

I find it quite apt on hindsight that my youth pastor brought up Carrie Underwood’s “Jesus Take The Wheel” during his sermon today. I have my driving test tomorrow and as today progressed, the more anxious I became about it. I thought that talking about it more with my friends would make me feel better. Instead, it only served to feed my anxiety.

God doesn’t want to be a passenger in our lives. He wants to guide us because He has a plan for us and no one knows it but Him. And no matter what His plan is, whatever the outcome is when it unfolds, even when we don’t understand why things would turn out in a certain way, we can trust in His judgment.

In a sense, I’m also preparing myself mentally in the event I do not pass my driving test tomorrow haha. Anyway, I’ll let Jesus take the wheel tomorrow, figuratively speaking of course. I’m still gonna be the one physically weaving my way through hopefully forgiving traffic, while being technically sound in the circuit course, and driving safely throughout.

Oh and a friend shared this with me and it’s been ringing in my head the whole day. Discovering this trove of musical talent that is Mandarin songs and embracing my ethnicity a little more.

#314: Jesus take the wheel

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