#310: Pluralistic Ignorance

Pluralistic Ignorance: no one else looks the way you feel, so you assume no one else feels that way, except other people do feel that way


Place and Memory

The sun was out and the skies were clear. He laced up his faded trainers and went for a jog. The motion was familiar, “right foot, left foot, right foot, left…” The breathing, heavier than before, a sign of how long since he last ran. He paused from time to time; waiting for the green man, and photographing frames made resplendent by the evening sun rays. He usually made a U-turn at the entrance to the park, but this time, something intrinsic called out to him, and onward he went instead.

The park was full of life; it was the weekend. People were out in full throng engaging in a variety of activities: cycling, jogging, kicking a soccer ball among themselves, throwing frisbees to one another. This park though, had a special meaning to him. He slowed down in search of a particular bench after crossing two short bridges. On two separate nights a few years ago, there he experienced intimacy and what it felt like to have his breath taken away. Just holding each other in the darkness, the only illumination provided by the lamps lining the jogging path. In the company of a chorus of croaking frogs, they breathed and spoke softly to each other. He was tensed because it was already so late at night, but he also felt blissful being with her, being able to hold her two, warm hands.

The empty bench was soon overtaken by a group of Filipinos and Bangladeshi, and it occurred to him: this place holds meaning for others now, …but it will always hold a special meaning to him. Others will come and utilise that place, and create their own memories there. For him, that place in the park will always hold fond memories for him. It makes him feel heartened, and somehow, gives him strength.

#310: Pluralistic Ignorance

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