#306: a beautiful man

Today was the second tech class that Marcus was giving us after last week’s session. My seniors knew him; he was the club’s resident choreographer before he went to the U.K. to further his dance education. I, like the other dancers from my batch, was just getting to know him.

One particular exercise Marcus got us to do which I liked very much involved all of us standing in a circle, and one by one, each one of us can enter the space in the centre and, while making eye contact with whoever occupied the space in the centre with us, move in tandem. Observing one another’s actions, a change in speed, a brief halt, weaving in between two others. I could see what he was trying to impart to us: a sense of awareness of our fellow dancers, to recognise and acknowledge their presence, and to dance with togetherness (or at least that’s what I think).

The most important takeaway for me from today’s tech class, which happens to be Marcus’ final class with us before he returns to the U.K., were two simple phrases he said during the silence as we warmed down. The first was that sometimes, making an honest effort during class (or in life in general) is all that really matters. And the second, which resonated the most in me this week, was that “you are enough“.

Thanks for the enjoyable and fruitful tech classes Marcus. Hope to be able to learn from you again someday.

#306: a beautiful man

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