#305: “What do you want to do?”

Before dance practice today, I was chatting with my dance senior and found out that she just graduated with a degree in dance and is now teaching dance and just dancing a lot. I remarked to her how amazing it is that people around our age range already know what they want to do in life.

So she asked me what my major in university was and what do I want to do in future. As usual, I simply replied that I still didn’t know what I would like to do. Then she probed about what do I like to do, so I listed a few things, and after doing so, she asked me this,

Okay. Do you want it enough to want to make a career out of it?

Which I guess, is good food for thought for me over the next few years I’m going to spend in university. I hope to find my answer for that question by the time I graduate.

#305: “What do you want to do?”

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