#291: “I lost trust and faith in you”

  1. They’re reliable with the little things.
  2. They display self-control.
  3. They’re comfortable making compromises.
  4. Their actions speak for themselves.
  5. They are trusting of others.
  6. You trust them.

(Priebe, 2015)

“Trust is the waking, conscious choice to invest in another human being because you know that even if they betray you, you’ll be okay.”

“Whether or not we can trust someone always comes back to how we feel about ourselves – it’s a reflection of what we feel capable of dealing with. Trust doesn’t mean, ‘I know you’ll never hurt me.’ It means, ‘I trust myself to deal with the fallout if you do.'”

“…when it comes to trust, here are the only questions you really need to ask:

Can you trust yourself? If it all goes to hell, can you pick yourself up off the floor and start again? Are you strong enough? Are you capable of dealing with the fallout?

If the answer is no, now might not be the best time to consider a relationship. And if the answer is yes, you have nothing to worry about at all.”

(Priebe, 2015)

I’m so sorry that I made you lose trust and faith in me. I have a long way to go to regain your faith and trust, but you’re worth it.

Reading List:

6 Foolproof Ways To Tell If Someone Is Worth Your Trust by Heidi Priebe

If You’re Unsure Whether Or Not You Can Trust Them, Read This by Heidi Priebe

#291: “I lost trust and faith in you”

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