#282: Day 1

It’s 1:58AM now as I begin typing this. Tonight, a friend of mine asked the girl he liked to be his girlfriend, and she said yes! I wish I could be there with the others, helping him prepare before he popped the question to her, if not for my assignment which I took too long to do and I don’t think I’m going to score very high for it. But I am very happy for my friend, I literally smiled when I saw photos of him and the girl he liked tonight, especially when they hugged each other.

One by one, people around me are getting attached. Me? I’m just starting to really move on. I’ve been running from it for a while now I suppose, from putting 100% into moving on. I never wanted to but I have to. It’s something we both have to do, for both our own sakes.

It scares me, the uncertainty, being on my own again. It’s usually all right during most of the day when I’m busy with classes, or studying (hopefully), or I’m out. It’s at night when the reality of moving on becomes more poignant. But I’m trying, and will continue trying from henceforth. I’ve been doing okay so far on my first day.

Here’s to the people I know going from Green to Red. And here’s, to going from Yellow, to Green.

#282: Day 1

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