#278: “Resting Bitch Face”

A woman who doesn’t smile is assumed to be in a bad mood because, so the theory goes, women are expected to smile at all times. Through cultural conditioning, women have learned that in order for people to like them, they have to wear a smile even if they don’t think anything is particularly funny.

– Susan Krauss Whitebourne, Ph.D. (Does Your Face Communicate How You Truly Feel?)

Something for me to take note of as I begin immersing myself in new communities and meeting new people. People don’t smile all the time, even I don’t, and it’s not because I’m pissed or anything, sometimes it’s just my face. Hope to keep this in mind so that I don’t overthink/overanalyze someone’s facial expression, both my male and female friends/acquaintances.

Have a read of the full article by Dr. Whitbourne. It contains insights into people’s perceptions of facial expressions while also raising the awareness of gender equity through the interesting approach of different reactions to the same facial expressions displayed by men and women.

#278: “Resting Bitch Face”

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