#275: a three part series on Sleep by Maria Konnikova

[Update: Friday, July 10, 2015]

Just read the last article of Maria Konnikova’s three part series on Sleep for The New Yorker and it is a timely reminder of just how much we undervalue sleep. Maria sheds light on how we “honestly don’t realize that we’re sleep deprived” and how we’ve established “our chosen level of uncomfortableness“, which woke me up (pun intended) from my own undervaluation of sleep, especially during my schooling years in the past. Now, I hope that I can take this knowledge with me to university and alter my working patterns from henceforth. Avoiding the temptation to study late into the night or even pull all-nighters and getting enough sleep and perhaps squeeze in a nap during the day instead, is the plan.

(I’ve included the link to the third article down below for you to check it out as well.)


Came across this three part series on Sleep written by Maria Konnikova for The New Yorker that reminded me of my interest in the functions of sleeping and in dreams. Despite that, I’m still uncertain of which field of psychology I’m inclining towards (embarking on university this August/fall); sleep and dreams predominantly fall under neuroscience and biological psychology from what I gather, whereas I’ve identified myself as more of a “social” (humanities) [psychology] person in recent years.

Nonetheless, I’m posting the links for all three write ups here for my future reference and re-reading, as well as for you to check out as well. Maria gives us valuable insight on how our behaviours and daily routines can affect how long we take to fall asleep, as well as the importance of sleep to our health and memory to us this severely sleep-deprived generation.

Part 1: Why Can’t We Fall Asleep?

Part 2: The Work We Do While We Sleep

Part 3: The Walking Dead

#275: a three part series on Sleep by Maria Konnikova

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