#272: Our Parents

They are the ones who take care of us and put us first even when they’re ridden with illness. Whether they are working or stay at home parents, they’ll continue clocking hours at work to put food on the table, and diligently iron each piece of our clothing even when they’re coughing their lungs out or struggling to breathe due to nasal congestion.

They will press on at their billowing air-condition cubicles in the office, shivering as they go through stacks of paperwork and rows of spreadsheets and data, or grit their teeth as they perspire profusely out in the sweltering heat, curtains of dust, stench of accumulated garbage and tread slippery wet floors. They will fix warm dinners by heart and according to memory through years of repetition even when their sense of smell is impaired and when their taste buds are completely hindered. They will mop each square foot of the house despite mucus threatening to fall from their nostrils and while they suffer from aching in their bones, so that the place we call home is clean.

There are oftentimes when I’m more ungrateful, when I take my parents and everything that they do for me for granted. There are also a lot of times when I just want to live my own life in future when I am financially stable and capable (survival skills speaking) enough to do so, without depending on my parents, nor caring too much about them. These are the times when I’m more selfish than I usually am. Sometimes, it’s because they hurt me in ways I can’t articulate to them or just don’t see a point in explaining to them.

But today I was enlightened about one fact that I hope this post will serve to remind me down the road. That fact is that it will be an honour when it becomes my turn to take care of my parents, the two people who prioritise me above all else and always do their utmost, whether out in the open or behind the scenes, to make my life comfortable to the point I have time to day dream while they’re working hard.

Maybe this isn’t so for those of us whose parents have not fulfilled their roles as parents. But for mine, they are worth repaying and looking after when it is my turn to care for them.


#272: Our Parents

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