#270: Meet up with people

The past few days haven’t been as smooth as I would have liked them to be. Some of the not so good things: developing bad habits while learning to drive and being unable to coordinate my sight and limbs behind the wheel; extra responsibility at work that I would have been more willing to accept if I was simply requested to take it up; disallowed from attending Hardwell’s concert even though I’m already old enough to make at least some (??) decisions on my own; shakiness in my relationship with the girlfriend.

However, today I got a haircut and I got an awesome hair wash which included a short head and shoulder massage that I thoroughly and always enjoy. Today I learnt a little bit more and was also reminded about what it is to worship God, and also witnessed some craziness that caused the crows feet near my eyes to surface. Today I caught up with my guy friends from school over a burger dinner and talked about things that brought laughter to my lungs.

I should meet up with people more, people whom I would like to be around with and whom I hope wouldn’t mind allowing me to take up some of their time. Meeting up with people is good for me.

#270: Meet up with people

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