#266: Alone time

Lately I’ve forgotten how nice it feels to be alone sometimes. Alone, but not lonely. I’ve been feeling a little more needy of late? Desiring attachment more, company of a friend, constant conversations, to belong somewhere, to be cared and thought about by someone. Is it an innate desire? To want company. Is it a human condition that cannot be shaken off? Well that’s something for another day.

Anyway, I was left to myself early today after lunch with the girlfriend. It was half past noon when we bade farewell. Don’t mind the sudden refinement of English, I’m still reeling from the visual masterpiece of a film that is The Grand Budapest Hotel. Visual masterpiece for it’s cinematography, the symmetry it constantly captures during the entirety of the film, and the fresh pop of colour of its sets and costumes.

I decided to head to one of the local hipster enclaves to snap some photos and though my attempt was challenged by the sweltering afternoon sun, its rays provided me with the kind of natural lighting I love. I was in a world of my own while photographing, I was still participating in the world around me, but I was also in my own world. Exploring both familiar and new indie stores, rediscovering and discovering their charms were pleasant experiences I managed to takeaway today.

And an important takeaway I got from today was my realization that one of the things I loved more than any material possession in the world is a well taken and dutifully edited photograph.

#266: Alone time

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