#265: “get there before I do”

I was at the wake service of my friend’s father last night and there was one point in the service when I was overcome by my emotions. My friend’s sister had just delivered a eulogy of their father and began showing us a slideshow of photos containing some of their fondest memories as a family. When it came to the series of photos of their mother and their late father, showing how they met, got married, had children and grew old together, I couldn’t help but well up in tears. At that point in time, my heart ached for my friend’s mother because the man whom she loved and shared all those experiences with was now gone and she has to continue the rest of her earthly life without his companionship. I told myself that should I ever get married, I’d want my spouse to go and reunite with the Lord before I do, because I absolutely can’t bear to let her deal with the pain and anguish of such a loss. It may be wonderful for a believer to go home to the Lord, but the one’s left behind, especially those intimately closest to the person, suffers the most.

#265: “get there before I do”

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