#259: *cue sound of clashing tiles*

Photo credits: aqualune.wordpress.com
Photo credits: aqualune.wordpress.com

It’s Chinese New Year season for ethnic Chinese all around the world and the human traffic flow of visiting from house to house has got to be one of the highest observed in a year. I am but a digit among this moving body of people, armed with my red paper bag of oranges and three or four Chinese idioms I’d recycle to each elder I come across.

Something new and memorable that happened this Chinese New Year was that I LEARNT HOW TO PLAY MAHJONG. Totally up-ed my being-in-touch-with-my-ethnicity from rounds of mahjong tonight at the girlfriend’s aunt’s house. They are wonderful people my girlfriend’s aunt and her family, welcoming, warm and gently easing me into their familial interactions. Bonded more with my girlfriend’s dad, mum and aunt over mahjong as they guided me while I took my first steps into this uncharted territory of arranging engraved tiles to garner wins over three other players.

It was exciting and hilarious. We all laughed at my blurness, wrong moves made by various people and by watching one another’s reactions as we arranged our tiles while waiting anxiously for that one tile to surface that would edge us closer to victory. One of the best Chinese New Year visits I’ve had in years.

#259: *cue sound of clashing tiles*

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