#258: “Cause girl you’re hotter than a southern California day”

2015-02-08 17.57.32-2
Photo credits: aqualune.wordpress.com

It’s been a while since I was at the beach, or at least I think it was. Oops, I seem to be unable to recollect whether I’ve been to certain places or done certain things at the moment. Let’s see…it was my first time riding a zip line yesterday, I think, and while it was hella fun for me, I think my girlfriend had the most fun laughing away at my constant screaming as we accelerated down the zip line. Hey it’s not like every day you get to go on a zip line so, let it out when you can right?

After recovering from the apparent hilarity which was my screaming down the zip line, we headed to the shore and ran into Sean who was at the obstacle challenge. A quick chat later and with life jackets strapped on, the girlfriend and I entered the inconspicuously cold waters. We had to wait quite a while for our turn to take on the obstacle challenge, and that’s when the cold got to us, goosebumps sprouting on her skin like a maize field while my teeth chattered. Oh the obstacle challenge were inflatable structures, which explain why they’re in the water. It was funny watching other people attempt the inflatable course, some falling over while others took brave risks but ultimately fell over. I was a little self conscious when it came to my turn to clear the obstacle challenge and I was slightly disappointed in myself for not being able to pull myself up with the rope as I tried to scale the cliff. Granted, it was slippery, but everyone else eventually cleared it. I finally reached the top with the help of the facilitator at the top pulling me up.

Actually, I had to be pulled up a number of times during my time in the water. The first was actually getting to the phase before the cliff when I fell into the water after clearing an obstacle. The facilitator tried to pull me up but I ended up pulling him down with me. #embarrassingeventnumber1 Then another facilitator tried to pull me up when I fell through the gaps in between padded pathway to the cliff. #embarrassingeventnumber2 To top it all off, at the climax of the obstacle challenge is The Blob. Basically, one person will climb to the top of the jump off tower while the other will jump onto the blob and wait for his/her friend on the tower. The person on the tower will then jump off and onto the blob, sending the person on the blob flying (though there were only a number of successful attempts). #embarrassingeventnumber4 was me failing to stay on the blob after jumping onto it 4 TIMES and every time I had to get onto the box to launch myself onto the blob, I had to have facilitators help hoist me onto the box. The girlfriend could finally jump off on my fifth attempt and although I didn’t fly, I did get a face palm from a gigantic float, which was quite hilarious.

Nonetheless, I had a wonderful time at the 20th anniversary of Surf N Sweat, mostly because I got to spend time with the girlfriend at the beach (finally). The sky was clear with glorious sunlight at 6 p.m. and I was rather excited to take photos of and with her. It was a really nice “together” time yesterday I feel, I’d go so close as to call it “intimate” even. Gliding down the zip line, treading water side by side in the water, walking hand in hand from place to place, and indulging in a little P.D.A. with hugs on every escalator. We wound down the evening with dinner at Modesto’s, where I rediscovered the delicious pan of a pizza that I (think) used to love as a kid.

Thank God for a great date.

#258: “Cause girl you’re hotter than a southern California day”

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