#257: Leave it all behind / And come to the well

Began working part time the past Wednesday, my first foray into the F&B industry. Three days into the job and now I can truly empathise when my girlfriend says that she hardly has time to grab a sip of water while working. Not to mention the long hours of standing too. The place where I will be spending most of my weekdays from now on however, isn’t as tough or difficult a working environment as hers. Although it has only been three days, I feel that my colleagues and superiors are generally affable people, who seamlessly blend focus and fun into a day’s work, no matter how busy the shop gets. The profile of our customers requires me to actively remain professional in speech and conduct, though not to a rigid extent; people need to be cut some slack at lunchtime after all, the customers I mean. It is hard work – food preparation, food handling, serving hungry customers, packing, clearing after, arranging furniture, dishing out change, cleaning up – but I’m up for a second round this upcoming week…as soon as I recover that is.

To paraphrase from the girlfriend, one’s patience and tolerance level seem to deteriorate when one falls ill. It wasn’t so bad yesterday even though I was out from the afternoon till night, but today, I just went full on bi*ch mode. I didn’t lash out at anyone though, I’m not the kind to. Instead, I contain my anger until it dissipates, or until I find some other way to release it. It just sucks being sick. I suppose things weren’t so bad yesterday because I was distracted while working with friends on worship practice and food arrangement after, so I was either constantly moving about or my mind was occupied with thinking (I hope. I haven’t done much of the latter in a while). Despite my nasal congestion and leaky faucet of a nose turning me into an irritant, I’m grateful for a girl who puts up with my nonsense and cares for me anyway.

#257: Leave it all behind / And come to the well

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