#250: Light

I walked a couple of paces in complete darkness today. I was helping a friend transport some logistics from one place to another and we had to switch off the lights on our way out. After doing so, everything became pitch black.

“Time for my flashlight app,” I said as I whipped out my phone.

“C’mon, let’s walk in the dark,” my friend replied.

He eventually turned on the flashlight app on his phone, but those few steps in complete darkness stirred something inside me.

As I typed this post, I looked out my car windows and observed the environment around me, mentally categorizing them into lamp posts and unlit areas. The juxtaposition of these two phenomena made me feel grateful for two things: electricity and the light bulb. I owe Thomas Edison my gratitude because if he gave up at his 999th attempt, who knows, we might still be living in a world of darkness today come sundown.

Negotiating in darkness isn’t a really bad thing though. I realized there is a certain thrill in stumbling around in the dark. But it is rather scary not knowing what’s ahead of you, or behind you, or around you. I think a lot of us have grown too comfortable with the existence of light derived from electricity and emitted by light bulbs.

Today, I learnt that putting ourselves in situations that offer a little discomfort from time to time, helps us be more grateful.

#250: Light

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