#245: I’ve gotten used to picking your hair that’s strewn all over my bedsheet

It’s something I began doing a few weeks back when I became more aware that your fallen hair is everywhere on my bed after you leave. Now a few weeks on, I’ve become comfortable with this trivial task. To me, it serves as a pleasant reminder of the time we spend together when you come over. Lately, you’ve been over more often cause I fell sick.

I still lament how catching a fever which later eased into a runny nose and sore throat ruined our plans to make your short school holiday and the leave I took a fruitful one. But you had a different perspective: me succumbing to illness kinda bought us more time together. On Tuesday when I first broke out with fever, you came over and iced me down while I squirmed away like a lion that detests water (interesting question: do lions actually ate water?). On Wednesday, you came over to see if I was better and just spend time with me. Even yesterday,😈 you squeezed a meet up on my way back home and dropped by again after your dinner with your family to check on me after I gave your family’s dinner invitation a miss because my flu was overbearing. And today, today I spent the entire afternoon and evening in your company, watching Bad Neighbours and YouTube videos like people hearing for the first time, dog rescue, The Chronicles of Meap, Nicki Minaj’s Anaconda and mentally-scarring Epic Meal Time.

We’ve spent quite a bit of time doing nothing much, but it’s always a wonderful time because it’s time spent with you.

I am quite dejected that I have to miss out on tomorrow’s Café Fest which I have been waiting for I think 2 months or so now. It bites me a bit too that someone else is going with you with my ticket while I’m probably just heading home to do nothing after work tomorrow morning. But I’m also gonna try and look at this situation differently: get over my dejection, see missing out on Café Fest as a wise decision to prioritise my health and get my priorities right for once, allow you to catch up and hang out with a good friend.

Anyway, the main thing I wanna say in this post, is Thank You. For taking care of me, for sticking with me, for loving me even when times are hard or things don’t go as planned. I feel very blessed to be the one you choose to love.

Oh and I was just reminded how apt my blog name is to my disappointment with missing out on Café Fest: “sometimes the things we want are the things we can’t have”.

#245: I’ve gotten used to picking your hair that’s strewn all over my bedsheet

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