#244: #thehappiest5kontheplanet

[est. 8.30pm, Saturday 30 Aug 2014] I’m waiting for you as I type this post while you change into a clean set of clothes. By God’s grace we managed to go for this year’s Colour Run when a friend of a friend of yours saw your Facebook shoutout for someone who’s willing to swap a Sunday race bib for a Saturday one. This afternoon, we arrived at Emerald Pavilion, Sentosa, early enough to drop off our bags so we didn’t need to worry about them during the run.

This is the first time we exercised together proper. Well, sort of; we only jogged when there was space to and when we were getting closer to the lanes where Colour Run helpers awaited with bottles of coloured powder. Colour Run sure is the happiest 5-km on the planet. Colour, is truly instrumental to human happiness. Who would’ve thought getting splattered with coloured powder would be so fun!

[11.12pm, Sunday 31 Aug 2014] I’m now continuing this post after spending another wonderful day with you. But let me backtrack to yesterday’s Colour Run. Yes, I thoroughly enjoyed running into the Colour Run helpers’ path as they threw handfuls of blue, green, orange and pink powder at us. Perhaps every form of distance running should incorporate this component of throwing coloured powder. The washing up will be a drag though. And correct me if I’m wrong, but the after-party was the best part of Colour Run.

It was an ecstatic experience ripping open packs of coloured powder and throwing up into the air and letting the multitude of colours just rain down on you. I felt like a child again during every colour throw, marvelling at the blues, greens, oranges, pinks, yellows and purples and orange that pitter-pattered all over me and everybody else. I don’t listen to mainstream pop a lot nowadays but yesterday was an exception as everyone bounced to the bass and rhythm of the likes of “Break Free”, “A Sky Full of Stars”, “Bang Bang”, “If I Lose Myself”, “Live While We’re Young”, “Red Lights”, “Take Me Home”, “Reload”, “Applause”, “Problem”, etc. Ok there are a couple of EDM tunes in there.

I also felt and still feel proud whenever I look back at how I was able to hoist you up and support you when you sat on my shoulders, though I had help at times. I feel proud that out of all the things I can’t do, this was one thing I managed to do for you. And you managed to catch an exclusive Colour Run T-shirt while being 2-3 heads taller than everyone else! I was also heartened to hear you describe what a thrilling sight it was to see the colour throw from a higher vantage point, watching a cloud of coloured powder settle onto every Colour Runner around you. I’m glad I could contribute to a unique experience in your life.

In addition to those are the times when we held hands while we jogged, when we whizzed past the Colour “Walkers”, every time our eyes met while we were surrounded by Colour Runners during the after party, attempting to catch packs of coloured powder or Colour Run merchandise that was thrown at us by the hosts, every time you and I sneaked a peck on each other, when we held hands and bounced to the music. It was indeed a really really fun experience that I’m very happy that you egged me to sign up for with you 2 months ago.

Time spent with you is always good. From eating a free scoop of Ben & Jerry’s plus a top-up extra scoop to bumping into Janice when you wanted BOOST; from following you into the center of the monorail where there’s always enough space to stand to dragging our achy feet as we trudged back to Vivocity for dinner; from packs of Muruku and Caramel Nut Mix (which I hope you’ve finished by the time you’re reading this) to a good bowl of beef noodle soup because we were so hungry, what was most important in all those occasions was you, your presence.

You were a darling again today, I don’t know how you do it. You really have a big heart, how you put up with my meanness, insensitivity and selfish attitude, being irritated at and sian around you and making things difficult for you and annoying you when you constantly try to cheer me up and make me feel better. I’m really sorry for all of that. I thank you for all your understanding, patience and love. You really love best.

#244: #thehappiest5kontheplanet

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