#242: “Why you always say I’m Groot”

We didn’t start this week on the right note, but we sure ended it well.

If I recall correctly, I was unhappy with you about some important things just because I was petty. I was so absorbed in my anger that when you asked me what I was irritated about, I could only nod in annoyance as I struggled to recall the cause of my anger. The effect that I was too blinded to see, was that my body language irritated and frustrated you. So, we had two unhappy people.

I was also being a wet blanket on one of your dreams. Having revisited that evening a few times over the past few days, I regret my behaviour and the things I said that weren’t so pleasing to hear. I think it was because I felt that what you were pursuing was eating into your precious rest time, and also taking your attention off me.

However, both incidents have been overtaken by memories of the past three days. I baked with you for the first and second time in a span of three days, and I am very happy to have engaged in one of your biggest passions in life. I don’t think I helped much, just a little stirring, a little chopping, a little grating, a little too much whisking, but I’d like to think I lent a hand most in doing the dishes and washing the utensils. I felt honoured that you’d let me and ask me to help you with baking and I’d love to do it again; whether it’s going downstairs to get a second batch of eggs or retrieving utensils or ingredients for you, I’m happy to be of help to you in the kitchen.

We also managed to go on a movie date again after quite a while. The last movie we caught was How to Train Your Dragon 2, which was about two months ago? Anyway, you’ve been to the movies with your male cousin and a bunch of guy friends during the two months in between, and (petty me here confessing) I guess I felt that I was replaced or I can be replaced in an activity that was very couple-like from my perspective. I’ve since wise up from that and catching Guardians of the Galaxy was really fun and nice at the same time.

The time spent together apart from baking and in the cinema was wonderful as well. Sharing food while we ate together, talked about anything and everything, lazed in bed, played, laughed, behaved like kids towards each other. I love how comfortable we are with each other. I never expected to have this sort of experience now, much less with you. But I am very happy and very thankful to God that I am and that it’s you.

I had a feeling this weekend was gonna be good. Now I’m wishing I can relive it again.

#242: “Why you always say I’m Groot”

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