#234: You made my May

A birthday present made with effort no one can top, time spent together that I am grateful for and cherish.

Even though I was gone for most of this month, you’ve successfully made your presence felt, whether I was just a couple of kilometres away from you, or two thousand miles away from you.

You always shower me with gifts of love, mementos that fondly remind me of you and make me smile knowing that I received these trinkets (and large gifts) from you.

Time is something you always give me as well, so long as you can. It is one of the many things that makes me want to love you more, how you’re always finding windows of opportunities for us to meet and spend time with each other, even if it entails a pinch of inconvenience sometimes.

Thank you for sharing with me essays you’ve written 2 to 4 years back. Thank you for massaging me and gently running your palms and fingers along the contours of my body and limbs. Thank you for staying close to me, not just physically but emotionally as well – with reference to the times when I annoy you or when you do something I don’t quite like. I hate for you to leave; I hope to stay with you for as long as possible.

Yes, that is our motto, if I may. For as long as possible, let us keep at this relationship, this intensity of love for each other, support, care, openness, and understanding. Always thankful that God allowed our fates to align last December.

You made my May.

Ran after you today. Pursued you since 5 months ago. Would love to continue going after you for more days and weeks and months to come. Love you.

#234: You made my May

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