#232: On rare nights when I can get out

On rare nights I can get out – such as tonight even though I’m actually on duty – I’m reminded of the night life I’d very much like to enjoy on a regular basis. Tonight I’ve:

  • Seen colourful, dazzling lights illuminating the city skyline
  • Heard exotic cars accelerate noisily as they weave around the evening traffic
  • Heard some really cool bassy EDM remixes of tunes such as “Good Vibrations” and “Superstition” thanks to Electric Run Singapore 2014 happening nearby (which I can’t attend sadly due to my national service commitments…)

Still outside enjoying the evening breeze and the gorgeous lit up scenery accompanied by dancy music blaring in the vicinity, with the occasional sports car roaring in the near distance.

Wish I could have a night life like this. Wish I was completely free of my inhibitions. Yes, tonight I wish to be completely free and be able to live my life the way only I want to again. This, is the kind of night life I want.

(Bar the nights when I’m really too beat and I just wanna laze indoors).

#232: On rare nights when I can get out

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