#231: I don’t think we’ve laughed like that before

First of, I have to say, unplanned matching grey tees were awesome~ As was walking together hand in hand ^^ Your Grandpa cooked A Lot tonight, or maybe it was because we were missing your Mum and sister that’s why it seemed like there was a lot of food. STILL FULL from your Grandpa’s cooking *burps* Won’t be surprised if I wake up and my tummy hasn’t gone down yet hahaha. Moderate Grandpa’s snacking on the “fish biscuits” and peanut candy!

Your Cards Against Humanity deck was biased to you. I only managed to get more appalling statements and sexual innuendos near the end, but thank you for letting me win (: I admit, some of yours were pretty funny actually.

Then there was the DEATH BY LEUKOPLAST. I think reminding me you’re mildly sadistic made me laugh even more than I already was when you kept trying to get me to agree to you waxing my leg hair with leukoplast. I simply could not stop laughing the entire time. Even though you successfully managed to stop me for a moment ;), I just couldn’t help but burst out in laughter when you were attempting to rip the tape off my shins. The whole time while I pleaded with you and tried in vain to crawl to my escape, you alternated between cute and diabolical and I have to say, it was really fun.

I don’t think we’ve laughed like that before, but I was really happy to see you laugh so much and to see your laughter lines as I was helpless to your doing, or undoing.

I hope you’ll be able to feel this kind of happiness when you’re down, when you have a bad dream, when you’re just tired of everything and anything. I hope I can be someone who can make you feel this kind of happiness, again and again and again.

It was heartening and uplifting to hear you laugh like that tonight.

Thank you for a Monday blue-less evening (:

#231: I don’t think we’ve laughed like that before

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