#222: Have they ever had the same thoughts as you, about you?

I’ve heard people, actually most of them were girls, remarking how is it possible for a guy to like a girl when they hardly know each other, or when they hardly interact? In my opinion, it just happens, really.

Of course, when you analyse their entire history thus far more closely, you’ll be able to pick up on bits and pieces that allow you think you are making sense of this irrational attraction. (If I recall correctly, love, matters of the heart, they are pretty irrational.)

It could have been due to the time he spent with her, or that he had already begun noticing her since the first time/few times he saw her for some reason or another; her looks, something she did that left an impression on him. Yeah, I think I’m gonna go with looks. Like the quote from Owl of Winnie the Pooh that I keep seeing quite frequently of late for some strange reason:

A girl sees what she likes. A boy likes what he sees.

And yes, I do find it a pity that (a considerable number of) guys are superficial, usually attracted most to first of all: a girl’s physical appearance.

With the time a guy spends with a girl, or the time he spends noticing her, it can branch off to other driving factors that lead to him being attracted to her. It could be her dreams, her aspirations, her talent, her resolve – which draw his admiration, and perhaps lead him to develop this notion that she makes him want to be better, and thus his attraction to her.

But all this, all this mental capacity at work, all the countless neurons firing away each day, all the thoughts devoted to this particular individual, sometimes a guy wonders if the girl he fancies could ever devote this much mental effort to thinking about him the way he thinks about her.

There’s a lot of room for expansion on this, such as “Go tell her! She won’t know if you don’t say anything” and there’ll be the happy outcome if things work out and the sad outcome when things don’t and the list of repercussions will go on and on and on…

So I’m just gonna leave it as that. Coming from a guy, can the girl I’m attracted to ever think about me as much I(‘ll) think about her?

(Just rambling after watching Arthur on television. It’s HILARIOUS. Please go watch it if you haven’t!)

#222: Have they ever had the same thoughts as you, about you?

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