#220: “I…I did all / I owned every second that this world could give”


Have to thank L for asking me if I liked OneRepublic back in mid-July when she found that they will be coming to Singapore to perform in late October. Fast forward 3 months and boy, what a night it was 😛

In the weeks building up to last night, L, J and I were all plagued by uncertainties due to work commitments. We almost couldn’t make it or will be really late for OneRepublic’s Native Tour concert at The Coliseum, Hard Rock Hotel, Resort World Sentosa. Suddenly, L‘s last minute meeting got cancelled and J had corporate team building yesterday so she could get of early while my half-day leave got approved! While queuing to get into The Coliseum last evening, though there were already a few hundred people ahead of us 1.5 hours before the concert (like whut??), we were glad we beat the working crowd and a decent number of others who arrived at the queue later. Felt really blessed then already.

By the way, L is a really good sprinter. Once we got past the ticket check, she sprinted up the stairs and got as far front as she could; J and I tried our best to keep up haha. We ended up somewhere right in the middle of the whole crowd, maybe a little more in front-middle-sorta-position. The DJ mixing before the concert was so-so, I thought it would’ve been better if he manipulated the lights too since he played lots of heavy bass tunes. The curtain drop for the stage preparation and miking up of instruments to really long (a whole 45 minutes!) and the Singapore humidity plus neighbouring body heat made waiting a real drag…

Then came Don’t Look Down, played while the curtain was still down. For a moment, L, J and I thought aloud if the whole concert was gonna be performed behind the curtain haha. Thankfully after Don’t Look Down, the curtain dropped, and the rest was history.

I was worried that Ryan Tedder will be off pitch and go off key last night, BUT I WAS COMPLETELY WRONG COS HE HIT EVERY NOTE (EVERY FREAKING HIGH NOTE AND FALSETTO) WONDERFULLY. It’s really nice to see that everyone (minus me perhaps) knows the lyrics to all the songs played last night. However, I felt that getting to hear the amazing guys from OneRepublic sing was the best part of the night. We always watch YouTube videos of our favourite music artists, but I can assure you, nothing beats watching them sing live in person, nothing.

My favourite performances of the night were Secrets, All the Right Moves, Counting Stars, the Spanish Guitar Medley Zac (I think) played solo, Marchin’ On, I Lived, Feel Again and of course, If I Lose Myself. I’m singling out Apologise because the guys did something magical by mashing it up with Same Love (Macklemore feat. Ryan Tedder), CRY ME A RIVER and We Found Love!!! That particular performance blew me away last night, and cos of this Native Tour concert, I am even more amazed by and admire OneRepublic’s musicality, talent and professionalism as entertainers even more.

To the fans who caught one of the following items Ryan cheekily flung into the crowd during the concert (3 plastic water bottles, 2 towels, 1 guitar pick and a TAMBOURINE), YOU GUYS ARE REALLY LUCKY! But I already feel very fortunate to catch OneRepublic perform LIVE and with great company (L & J). Please come back to Singapore again OneRepublic!


#220: “I…I did all / I owned every second that this world could give”

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