#212: ‘Note to Self: people change…but God never changes.’

A friend of mine from church recently posted this as his Facebook status and I’m re-posting it here so that I can look back to this when the time calls for it, again.

There will always be friendships lost that you can never chase back, friends who come into your life but slowly walk away without a second glance. Who knows, you might have done the same – excusing yourself from someone’s life, knowingly or not. 

People change, including yourself. A close friend today can seem so foreign and distant tomorrow; Loved ones whom you’ve known your entire life can suddenly seem so hard to relate with, so hard to talk to. 

But God never changes. He is eternal. Unchanging. Definitely loving. He cares for each and every one of us, even you who may feel so insignificant and lonely right now. Take heart! For in His arms He’ll take and shield you, and you will find a solace there. (:

Treasure every friendship you have today, treat each of them as a precious gem. And for those of us who feel lonely and forgotten right now, always remember: what a friend we have in Jesus!

#212: ‘Note to Self: people change…but God never changes.’

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