#209: I Lose Myself Tonight~

Tonight (or last night actually) was my virgin club experience. I was a little apprehensive at first, not knowing what I was getting myself into and worrying that I won’t be able to “fit in”. But thankfully, everything went really well.

It is imperative that one’s virgin club experience be done in the company of friends you know you can trust and have a good time with. I took a “leap of faith” and with the help of a drink or two, it all worked out just fine.

I got to make new friends, meet pretty girls (in my opinion), REALLY LET LOOSE, head bang, bounce around, groove, throw my hands in the air, having a good time on the dancefloor, just not giving a shit and dance the night away.

Boy, it was fun. And I’m so glad for tonight.

Many kudos to Shiv and Ianna for planning and stressing over whether everyone had a ball of a time! Glad to catch up with Binh, Piky, Shad, Kel, Clauks, Dillon, Zhi Hong, Yash, Nat Wong, Barn and John. Happy to make new friends in Sean, Marissa, Shu Hui and Leonard.

T’was one helluva good night 😉

#209: I Lose Myself Tonight~

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