#182: The Pursuit of Companionship

This morning my youth pastor preached about Genesis 2:7, 15-23 and when he came to “But for Adam, no suitable helper was found“, he brought up this point about how God knew Adam was incomplete, therefore God created Eve to be Adam’s partner. He then approached this topic from an everyday point of view, through how there are times when we feel that we can be contented with our lives with just me, myself and I. But after a while, we will begin to realize that something is off, something is just not right.

My pastor then made this statement that ran along the lines of “We long to belong” to a group, a clique, an identity, which left a notable impression on me. It was this simple idea that our desire to have a companion or companions, people we can talk to about anything and everything, that we can go through experiences with and make memories out of them, is simply being human.

Now that I’m free from academic burdens occupying my mind temporarily, I managed to summon enough brain activity to recall that ever since my high school years, I’ve always struggled with this, this longing to belong. And though I try my best not to show it outwardly, it always worries me whenever I feel that my friendship with someone seems to have lost its spark all of a sudden, for instance, right now.

I’m scared that all of a sudden, the friendship and companionship that I’ve enjoyed and built up with him/her for a period of time, might somehow just deflate overnight. And the worst part is not knowing why while all I have left to do, is to wait for the ‘drifting away’ stage to creep in. I loathe the thought of a friendship losing its spark, particularly with some friends. It always creates unwanted anxiety, which is also unnecessary at times.

Nonetheless, at least I’ve come to know that it is ok to want to mean something to somebody who means something to you. It is ok to want friends, company, companionship. Perhaps most importantly, friends, company and companionship, that will stay. So, despite the sudden uncertainty that has invaded my train of thought yet again, I shall attempt to bear this in mind as well:

Today, (insert name), we believe God wants you to know that there is a meaning to all of this. No one can see beyond the horizon of their own lives. We are threads in the great tapestry of time. Have faith. Every stitch has a reason.

#182: The Pursuit of Companionship

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