#177: “You’re alright now.”

That simple phrase, repeated a few times in a single sentence, could be the most important thing for my recovery.

Just got back from a trip to the Chinese doctor to let her check out my shoulder. The first thing she did was to tell me to remove that sponge sling I’ve had on for the past 4-5 days. Then she got me to move my left arm along with my right, following some simple movements she did.

The entire time she kept telling me to relax, relax my arms, my shoulders (mostly) and most importantly, not to be afraid cos I’m alright already. And to me, that was the most important thing I got out of these past 4-5 days since I dislocated my shoulder.

My parents’ and friends’ concern were definitely comforting, but it was my Chinese doctor’s assertion of confidence that I’m alright and encouragement to move my left arm, that really sparked something in me.

A round of acupuncture concluded my 1st of 3 visits to accomplish this week. It was a prickly, at times irritating pain, when the needles went through and while I laid still. But I’m probably gonna need it to speed up my recovery. And the whole time I laid still, was a moment I needed as well, to legitimately relax and not give a hoot about the world, just for a while.

#177: “You’re alright now.”

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