#174: maybe that’s what I really wanted

Biggest after-church lunch group in forever. 14 of us headed to Slice *The Pizza Reform* at Pomo upon Sean’s recommendation and not only was the pizza and milkshake not too bad, but I enjoyed just being the company of my church friends at lunchtime pretty much. Had the longest convo with Sean today as well this year (I think) and just reminiscing about how free we were this time last year, walking around town, comparing to how things are now.

We all had to grow up, Time was catching up with us (not that we’re that old). Sean’s in about 10 months into the army already, Jeremy in commandos; Beverly, Jonathan, Rebecca, Jonas and I have exams now; Ben, Ivan and Gabrielle almost finishing theirs; Abigail, Janice and Charlston all busy with their own stuff as well.

I’ve always wanted to grow up, I desire the freedom it falsely promises. Yet I also loathe growing up, because of the added responsibilities, that one more life issue you’ve to deal with, and also because looking back, I realized I’ve not laid a good foundation for my grown-up years. I’m not just talking about academically or sports or the arts or life skills, but also relationships. I think that’s as far as I’ll go, just mentioning the word.

But at least today I got to experience probably something that I really wanted but never really knew I wanted at the same time. Sounds paradoxical? Guess I’m ready for English tomorrow then. Haha, kidding. I’m totally screwed for my papers this week @.@ …and the next OTL

#174: maybe that’s what I really wanted

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