#169: post-Prelims

Today’s finally the last day of the grueling Prelims I’ve been through for the past 3 weeks in school. Could’ve done better for today’s Bio paper, should’ve. Well, I should’ve done better for every subject actually. But papers aside, what can be better than having to do corrective work order (CWO) right after prelims are over? Carrying tables back up to the classrooms with a couple other cohort mates who were caught with hair deemed too long or identity card problems (?) or I’m not sure what other quirky reasons were given by our examiners. But kudos to them as well, they’ve had a grueling examination too.

It wasn’t all that bad actually. Went home after my paper first before heading down to school in the early afternoon to do my CWO and caught 3 episodes of Grey’s Anatomy Season 2. Got hooked onto it over the weekend that just past and I just can’t stop watching lol. Go Dr. Bailey haha. Went to catch my classmates who were heading down to Sentosa for a post-Prelims class outing. After meeting up with Barney, Gerald, Jerry and Brian, followed by Claire, and walking around Daiso, a comic shop and the Pet Safari atop Vivo City, we then got onto the monorail to Sentosa as soon as Jia and Rohan joined us.

It didn’t really go as plan, the outing. Less than expected people turn up, we arrived at Siloso Beach rather late and only Brian, Barney and Gerald were in a genuine mood to play on the beach. Thanks to a stroke of genius by Rohan, we stumbled upon Mambo Cafe and the rest of us just shared a Mambo Punch and we got to chill out at the nice cosy totally beach-theme deck. Jia, Ro and I then shared 2 pints a while later, as along with Jerry and Claire, we just passed the late afternoon away chatting about random stuff and just chilling out.

Barney, Gerald and Brian came to look for us at about 5 and then Barney, Gerald, Jia and Jerry took a short dip in the pool owned by Mambo. Too bad we only discovered their jaccuzzi as we were leaving. Snapped a couple of shots with Claire’s camera to immortalize Jerry’s first “beach clubbing” experience. Then Ada joined us and we chatted for a while more before we headed back to Vivo. Barney and Gerald left for dinner with our (Barn, Gerald and my) ex-classmates when we got back while the rest of us headed to Seah Im Food Centre to grab dinner. Dinner was quite good, unhealthy as well, but that was quite a good plate of fried chicken rice. Then the 7 of us just spent the rest of the evening chatting away, talking about how Ro’s gonna have an arranged marriage, imagining him with his future wife, debating about diving and fishing, sharing all sorts of tv series and movies, from comedies to heart-wrenching ones.

It’s been a nice, chill day, basking in the short moments of sunlight, getting a little alcohol running through me and most importantly, tensing my cheek muscles from all the laughter from today. Thanks guys.

#169: post-Prelims

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