#145: a night of helium-filled voices, sea breeze and chilling by the beach

First time back at East Coast Park since doing beach cleaning in Year 4:

  • Bumped into Stef while waiting for Titus & shared about what we’ve been doing lately
  • Watched Binh, Boon Choon, Ershad & Josiah fool around in the sea closer to shore
  • Titus introduced me to Lee Wei & they talked about the intact & non-intact class cliques
  • Great spread for dinner at Mana Mana Beach Club; really liked the fish & little cakes for dessert most!
  • Awesome dinner by the beach with dance friends; great sea breeze, reliving childhood drama serials, Ianna & her ‘towel-theory’, everyone sharing about our different views of religion, Binh & his BRILLIANT ENGLISH & sharing about his amusing Malaysia trip that made everyone erupt with laughter
  • Grabbed jugs of cold Sprite (aka our beer mugs) & took a walk along the beach, talking about OBS, the stars, light pollution & childhood TV shows before Sam came by with balloons & we all started sucking in helium & talking with chipmunk voices! Another round LMFAO
  • Gabriel Tan & his antics while he tried a little too hard to give a good impression of himself

Happy that I finally got to go to the beach in the Singapore heat, almost forgot what the sea breeze felt like. It was so good, relieving, calming, relax-inducing. And tonight wouldn’t have been a good night out without the company of Binh, Josiah, Ianna, Boon Choon, Ershad, Titus and Colette. A lot of laughter transpired among us by the beach tonight – it was a healthy, much needed respite.

Thank you for inviting us to celebrate your birthday by simply just chilling at the beach. And once again, Happy Birthday Sam 🙂

#145: a night of helium-filled voices, sea breeze and chilling by the beach

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