#138: maybe this time

It’s been a long while since I last celebrated my birthday in a bigger fashion. My first & last party till now was when I was 7 I think? But in recent years I’m glad to have had the chance to celebrate with friends: Daryl & Wen Shien on my 13th or 14th; Dhinesh, Abigail, Sean & Justin surprising me on my sweet 16; my Year 5 classmates singing a 5-min birthday song for me in Hope Village, Phnom Penh, Cambodia while we were on WOW; a couple of church friends including Sean & Abigail who took me to lunch last year.

Dhinesh, Abigail, Sean & Justin’s birthday surprise has been 1 of my top birthdays. It was really heartening to have 4 of your awesome church friends knocking on your door past dinner time with a cake in hand. I remember screwing my A Math paper the next day haha, but that was 1 of the best birthdays I’ve had yet.

This year’s has made it to my top birthdays too. For the 1st time in a long while I had no exams on my birthday, though there was that pile of WLEETOKIA staring down at me. It was pretty low key in fact throughout the entire day. But I thought it was pleasant with every birthday wish I got from everyone who remembered it was my birthday that day. Really glad to have wound down the day with dance (& realizing I need to work on my core muscles & build up my strength a lot more now because Andy’s choreographies are involving more and more tricks!) & it was really nice of the EXCO to get Colette & I a cake in a cup each.

Then yesterday the birthday celebration I planned along with Fred & Wen Shien took off at contemporary melting pot and bar (cm-pb) at Dempsey. Really thankful for Fred who got us the venue & the excellent spread of food & drinks. It was my first at truffle fries & toffee date pudding & they (& the rest of the food) were really really good. The company was delightful of course; really glad to have spent an afternoon with ex-classmates, present classmates & schoolmates while putting the demands of school aside & bond over good food, conversations, laughter & simply enjoy one another’s company.

I’ve been blessed again & reminded of my blessings for another year. All the gifts and birthday wishes; I’m truly thankful. Now, having turned another year older, I’m hoping that maybe this time, I’ll really reach the level of maturation I’m supposed to be in, that I’ll really start thinking & behaving like a true young adult, a young man, knowing my priorities & responsibilities & setting them right, being humble, responsible, determined, disciplined, brave, thoughtful & trusting in God. Hopefully now, I will grow into the mold that was meant for me.

#138: maybe this time

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