#126: now that was quite a show

Lately I’ve had a lot of contradictions & self-conflicting thoughts & emotions occupying me. It wasn’t easy to bear, hearing all those silent screams in your head, wishing things didn’t happen as such, wishing you didn’t see things this way, wishing you never felt at all, wishing that everything, or perhaps you yourself, could just go away.

But I’m thankful for tonight, when much of such tension was alleviated. Grabbed dinner with Amanda, Claire, Jayna, Shen-nen & Caleb at Coffee Club before meeting Crystal & heading back to school for the ACSFactor Finals. The 11 finalists were really entertaining I felt. I personally would like to give a special shoutout to:

Mark Yung and Friends for their musicality (Colin was awesome on the drums & Jaime’s solos were naise), Here Comes The Sun cos the Indian dude sounded really good for me, Shaun (whom 1 of the judges described as ‘charming’) who charmed us with ‘Champagne Supernova’, Noisyboy & his EPIC BEATBOXING SKILLS, Liquid Squid (who were a band of secondary school guys) for their bold risk in taking on Fall Out Boy‘s ‘I Don’t Care’, Sam Thian Ha Ha Ha for doing DanceVenia proud (!), Two Men and a Son for their powerful vocal talent & the winning act Sax and the Fretters for Juniper’s awesome voice & the engaging participation of her entire band who danced along a little choreography to their cover of Amy Winehouse‘s ‘Valerie’.

I recall reading an article somewhere about the happiness you derive from going to performances such as these is greater than the happiness you derive from tangible things. Indeed, the music, the dance, the talent displayed tonight really entertained & inspired as well. I was really happy watching my schoolmates perform tonight. It made me think that if I had time previously during the audition period, & a little more guts, maybe I could’ve signed up with Daryl & Toh (aka my Run our Reverie buddies) & just give this a shot.

It’s been a good night of entertainment & company. I guess I needed this, this short time of respite.


On this day, God wants you to know…

“that you can let yourself be happier. Happiness is a choice, although often it might seem otherwise. And it starts small. Today do something that makes you feel happy, and tell your friends about it.”

#126: now that was quite a show

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