#121: Run our Reverie

After 6 weeks of practice, experimenting with different songs, floundering over rehearsed ones, refining choices we’ve narrowed down to, sacrificing about 4 hours of our weekend every week, it was all down to this night, 18 February 2012.

We call ourselves Run our Reverie, with ‘Reverie’ referring to a state of dreamy meditation or fanciful musing (Dictionary.com), a state of being lost in one’s thoughts (Google Dictionary); basically a daydream. And I felt that we lived out our daydreams that evening.

Performing at La Vie, a charity concert held at Hwa Chong Junior College to raise funds for the Singapore Cancer Society, was our debut. Our performance wasn’t the smoothest I’ve to admit, with the microphone feedback that silenced Daryl’s voice & mine for our 1st song ‘Breathe Again’ by Sara Bareilles. Was quite disappointed that we were basically playing an instrumental for the most bit of ‘Breathe Again’ & especially that the less-than-expected turnout couldn’t get to hear what Daryl was capable of.

But our voices were back on for ‘Better Days’ by the Goo Goo Dolls & we sounded our best for our mashup of Coldplay’s ‘Fix You’ & John Mayer’s ‘Say’. Daryl’s voice & mine were overpowered by Wen Shien’s keyboard throughout our entire performance haha, but I guess all 3 of us shared the same sentiments, that tonight, we gave what we could, & it has been an awesome experience.

I couldn’t ask for a better team to debut a public vocal performance. Daryl, Wen Shien & I go a long way back, back to our primary school days. But we never imagined we’d come together & form a band. So thank you Charis for granting us this opportunity. Thank you our parents who came to watch us. And of course, thank you to all our friends who took their Saturday evening off to support us 🙂 Last but not least, thank You God for this experience I got to share with 2 of my oldest friends 🙂

Run our Reverie @ La Vie 18-02-2012

“In the comfortable glow from the porch…

take these words/And sing out loud…

Lights will guide you home/And ignite your bones…”

#121: Run our Reverie

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