#118: “let not the things of this world ever sway me”

I foresee many more late nights to come, increasing levels of anxiety & stress. What can I say? I brought it upon myself heh. A few friends have been telling me lately to take things 1 at a time, in the wake of the billion & one things I’ve to finish. I really wanna take their advice, but looking at how much work there is to be done, it’s hard not to falter & be overwhelmed by everything instead.

I’m really overwhelmed by everything. Really.

But I try not to. I’m thankful I’ve friends who give me even the simplest of advices & help. I’m really thankful too for a lovely friend who’s seen me through a long week, filled with long lessons & a late late night that left me exhausted on Friday night, who kept in contact with me throughout the week & especially on Thursday night when I burnt that incredible midnight oil, stayed awake till 4 messaging me & keeping me going (:

I feel I ought to remind myself to be contented with what I have & experiences I’ve had. With my circumstances now, I’m not gonna be able to do some things I wish I could do. And it’s probably going to be like this throughout the rest of this year. Little hints of envy are surfacing again, of friends who are able to hang out together whereas I can’t, of friends who’ve finished this draft, that draft, met this deadline, that deadline, of people who are smarter & more hardworking in studies, of people who are more talented.

Guess with this upcoming week, I need ‘more God’, to be more disciplined & determined in meeting my deadlines, procrastinate less, worry less and act more, and finally, be content with the friends I have, the interactions I have & had with them, & with the happier moments I’ve experienced so far in these 36 days of 2012.

(C) aqualune.wordpress.com

Miss the camp atmosphere and needing those few words above.

#118: “let not the things of this world ever sway me”

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