#117: weekend with youths & God

Saturday evening was Movie Night at ORPC. We were watching To Save A Life, which opened us up to the reality of lonely teenagers whom we don’t bother to or don’t feel comfortable to reach out to & in extreme situations, what might all the loneliness & teasing & insults may culminate into. The movie also showed how our choices really make a difference in not only our own lives, but in others as well. Sat beside Takano during the movie cos we didn’t bring friends (the youths were encouraged to) so we were loners together heh. But it was nice to see Abigail, Ivan, Ben ^^ and the others bring their friends to Movie Night.

Sunday, being the 5th Sunday this time around, we had something a little different. As for the first 5th Sunday of the year, Tim & Jasmine kicked it off with a Worship Extravaganza, leading us in about 7-9 songs in 1 youth service. It was really cool, the song choices & the band were great & yup, I caught some of the worship leading tips Tim, I just hope I can remember them for my use 😡 Tim also gave us a short sharing which for me, was a reminder of God’s presence in our lives.

Then later on we headed down to SMU Glassroom Cafe for our annual Youth Ministry lunch! The food was great (won’t forget that chicken that you had to work for by peeling it open eh Cheryl & Abby (; heheh) & so was the company. Everyone took lots of photos & a couple of polaroids too, but it was kinda pity that Dawn had to leave early, & so went our only polaroid cam of the day :/ But all in all, it was a nice weekend spent in the company of the youths, & ultimately it’s thanks to God who brought us together.

Oh yes, here’s a prayer going out to Sean, Justin, Ben K, Dom K, Luke, Russell, Makoto and Jeremy that as they enter NS, that God you’ll watch over them, keep them strong & keep their faith in You strong as well.


The thing about photographs is that they capture and immortalize every pleasant, happy and memorable moment you’ve experienced before. And I suppose that’s why photographs mean so much to some people, because through them, they can relive those moments again and again.– aqualune.wordpress.com

#117: weekend with youths & God

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