#113: from my heart to the heavens / Jesus be the center ; the riches of your love / will always be enough

Today Vic led 2 songs for worship which I had previously wanted to do so – Jesus Be The Center & Forever Reign – but eventually didn’t due to certain reasons. Vic did a great job I felt; along with Sing Sing Sing, Salvation is Here, From The Inside Out and our Youth Ministry favourite Love Like Fire, Vic Alvi and Abby leading worship earlier today brought back that extra punch in worship that I’ve quietly missed.

The main essence of Amos’ message today was that Jesus is the vine, we are the branches; without Christ, we can do nothing. If we ‘remain’ in Christ, we shall exhibit qualities of the fruit of the spirit & be granted as per we so wish. So some ways for us to ‘remain’ in Christ as he suggested are reading God’s word, maintaining Christian fellowship, being consistent in prayer, being amazed by God’s creation and being faithful in service. And if we don’t ‘remain’ in Christ? Well, we’ll be ‘thrown away’ like branches & left to wither.

Then it was lunch with Samson groupmates from Youth Camp 2011! Abby & I were quite surprised Janice called for a group lunch but it was nonetheless a good call~ Thinking I might go back to CoCo Ichibanya Curry House where we lunched today & give Level 3 spiciness a shot & match Janice’s spiciness tolerance…But all in all, it was a good time of bonding over food, conversation & unsteady photography. Oh yes, Noah was also lunching at 313@somerset with a couple other youths as well, so we got a big group photo together (see below).

And today, I’m really thankful to Abby, Sean, Ben Lim & Janice for agreeing to help me check out all the clothes from the ZARA outlet at 313@somerset for my Extended Essay (EE). It’s 1 heck of a chore flipping through clothing after clothing, & I just really wanna say thank you so much to each of you, for taking time off your leisure time to do something you aren’t obliged to. Really grateful to God for friends who go out of their way to help me when I ask them if they could. Hope someday I can do the same for them as well.

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#113: from my heart to the heavens / Jesus be the center ; the riches of your love / will always be enough

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