#108: couldn’t have asked for a better Christmas this 2011

The title says it all actually. I was really hesitant at first on how I was gonna approach my dad to let me go out on Christmas Day, from the bad experience last year…I prayed quite hard within a span of a few minutes before talking to my dad about it as casually as possible. Thank God he said okay, & that came to make my Christmas Day this 2011.

Finally comes one Christmas when I can stay behind after Lessons & Carols and hand out the Christmas cards I wrote without having to worry about parents nagging me away. I got to catch up on ‘old faces’ I haven’t seen in a while like Brenda & Sarah. Though the skies were overcast & it was drizzling at church, a warm & happy atmosphere seems to resonate from everyone present. You can hear the “Merry Christmas”es in the air, see handshakes hugs & smiles everywhere (yup I meant it to rhyme!).

Then it was the biggest youth-young-adult lunch group in a long while in the basement at Cathay. Sitting alongside Dhinesh (another face I’ve not seen in a long time, youth camp non-withstanding), Jasmine, Serene, Cheryl, Brenda & Daniel listening to them exchange jokes, funny stuff on Youtube & on the Net sure gave me a good laugh. And later on a couple of us hit the LAN shop for L4D2! Haha last time I remembered playing was like 10 million years ago?? with company like Brenda, Ben Lim, Ivan & Pearlyn. We’ve had fresh blood today, with Ben & Dom Kuek owning on 1 team, Dom Yeo who dived in to rescue the not-so-on-par team, Serene who looked pretty intense throughout, Justin having his 1st shot at LAN & Abigail who didn’t get owned after all! – thumbs up to you ๐Ÿ˜€

After an epic LAN session a group of us just walked around town, visited the flea market at *SCAPE, then into Orchard Cineleisure & then 313@Somerset where we were gonna chill at Starbucks but it turned out to be pretty crowded. And along the way we’ve experienced a juice lady who clearly has a irritatingly funny skewed kinda voice, heels & pumps killing one’s feet…Oh yes I stayed out my latest on a Sunday after church too!

But today really enabled me to experience all over again what it was like to hang out with church friends & what a happy time it is. Each of my church friends bring colour to my otherwise mundane life, which I spend mostly cooped up at home sadly. Being around them sure makes a good day & a day that I don’t want to end, this Christmas day especially, though it would’ve ended by the time this post goes up. Same goes for hanging out with my school friends at Fred’s gathering (Katy Perry vocal) LAST FRIDAY NIGHT! It’s really much better living life spent in the company of friends and shelving work aside heh.

Thank you God for the birth of Christ this Christmas Day, for without it we wouldn’t have a Saviour who would live so that He may die for us, without it we wouldn’t have Christmas & all these lessons & carols, without it today wouldn’t have been possible. Thank you Amos, Beverly, Jonas, Janice, Ivan, Ben Lim, Rebecca, Dhinesh & Abigail for the Christmas cards & gifts, as well as your company and the others’ company as well. It’s been a Merry Christmas ๐Ÿ™‚

#108: couldn’t have asked for a better Christmas this 2011

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